1. 99 alarm zones, 99 wireless zones and 6 wired zones
  2. Dual network working mode, be adapt to GSM cell network and PSTN landline telephone system at the same time
  3. LCD time and date display, automatically arming and disarming by setting time and date
  4. Two way talking ability via GSM network in alarm and remote distance operation mode
  5. Six autodial alarm phone numbers plus extra six SMS alarm phone numbers
  6. Ten alarm messages can be recorded by user himself
  7. Two relay output terminals can be operated by user to control alarm related devices
  8. Learning code accessories can be easily added or deleted by user
  9. Four bit password for keypad protection
  10. Backup built-in battery for electricity power down use
  11. Easy to be installed and operated according to the instructions from this manual.


Main Unit -
  • PSTN and GSM
  • Main unit working voltage: DC9V~12V
  • External power adaptor input AC voltage: 220V/AC or 110V/AC
  • Working current: idle 30mA, alarm 300mA
  • Wireless receiving distance :> 100m
  • Operating voltage: DC12V, AC 220/110V
  • Wireless receiving distance :> 100m-250m
  • GSM Frequency: 900/1800/1900MHz
  • Wireless frequency: 433 MHz (If you need 315 MHz, Please contact us.)
Wireless distant Remote Control -
  • Power: 3V battery x 1 pcs (battery included)
  • Transmission Current: ≤ 7mA
  • Transmission Distance: 80m (No Obstacle)
  • Operational temperature:-10℃ to 55℃
  • Humidity: ≤ 80%
  • Size: 58x31x9.5mm



Wireless Wi-Fi Security IP Camera -
  • With this IP Camera, you can monitor not only locally but remotely your home/store/office/etc.
    Supports iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android cell phone view.
  • Pan: 355°; Tilt: 90°.
  • Two Way Audio.
  • Motion detection.
  • CMOS 300,000 pixel.
  • 10 Φ5 LED; IR distance: 10m
Wireless DVR Security System -
  • Digital Wireless Range is up to 450FT in open area.
  • 7 inch LCD Monitor with 800*480 High Resolution.
  • Viewing mode: Single, Quad, Manual, Automatic switch.
  • The monitor can also be connected to TV with the AV cable for a larger view.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Digital Camera with built-in motion sensor and microphone.
  • 3.6mm color lens provides wide viewing angle.
  • 30 IR lights turn on automatically in dark for 6-10 meter night-vision.
  • SD card Recording

- The system provides you the options to continuously record, only record by motion detection or record as scheduled at certain times.

- It supports up to 32G SD card and will never be running out of memory, if you set the system to record by motion detection and automatically overwrite when the SD card is about to full. In this way, you are able to check the recorded video, photos and audios back to 2-3 months.


Door / Window Sensors -
  • Launch Distance: 100 meters (no obstacle)
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz/315MHz
  • Size: 71 x 36 x 15(mm) / 2.8 x 1.4 x 0.6(inch)
  • Oscillation resistance jump cap options
  • Power supply: Battery
Wireless PIR Detector(with Wall mounting and battery) -
  • Power: AA alkalescency battery
  • Low power indication, adjustable time for, alarm delay, detecting distance adjustable
  • Automatically temp. compensation,anti-RFI & anti-EMI
  • Detecting distance: 12m (no obstacle)
  • Detecting angle: 110 degrees"
  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz/315MH
Smoke detector -
  • Powered by 3 X 1.5V AA batteries.
  • Loud 85 dB at 10ft.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Unique “battery missing” lockout.
  • Transmit Distance to Control Panel: approx. 100m (no obstacle).
Gas detector -
  • Receive distance from Control Panel: approx. 100m (no obstacle)
  • Sensitivity: Propane LEL: 2.1 Vol% / HEL (UEL):9.5 Vol%
  • Operational temperature: -10℃~+50℃ (approx. 14°F ~ 104°F)
  • Ambient Humidity: ≤95%
  • Type of gas sensed: Natured gas, town gas, LPG.
Carbon monoxide detector -
  • Power Supply: 3 x AA size 1.5V batteries (included)
  • Sensitivity & Time: 50 ppm: alarms within 60~90 minutes
  • 100 ppm: alarms within 10~40 minutes
  • 300 ppm: alarms within 3 minutes
  • Standby Current: <50uA, <200uA
  • Alarm Current: <75mA
  • Operation Ambient Condition: 5-40℃,20-90% R.H
  • Size: 10(Diameter) x 3.5(Height)
Wired Siren -
  • Rated voltage: 6VDC
  • Rated current: 100-150mA
  • Sound index: 120dB
  • Sound frequency: 3.8KH2+10%
  • Transmit speed: 3H2 increase or discrease 10%

Wireless Wi-Fi Security IP Camera

Wi-Fi Security IP 카메라

Wireless DVR Security System

Camera -
  • Working Voltage: DC12V/500--1000MA
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM Digital public band
  • Transmit power: 17dBm
  • Wireless Range (open area): up to 450FT
  • Working Current: 250MA MAX; with night vision: 450MA MAX
  • Camera Resolution: 360 TV lines
  • Image capture: Video or photo
  • Night vision range: 6-10 meter
  • Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C
Monitor -
  • Frequency: 2.4G ISM Digital public band
  • Working method: AFH and TDMA
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm
  • Working Voltage: DC12V /1000MA
  • LCD Size: 7Inch (18 cm)
  • LCD Resolution: 800*480 RGB
  • Brightness/Contrast: Adjustable
  • Viewing mode: Single, Quad, Manual, Automatic switch
  • Recording Mode: Continuously, manual, schedule, motion
  • Working current -600MA
  • Video output 1Vp-p CVBS
  • Video output system: PAL and NTSC
  • Video format: Asf
  • Single screen status: 640*480 @25fps
  • Screen status: 320*240 @25fps
  • Photo format (single screen): 640*480 JPG
  • SNR: 46dB
  • Working Temperature: 0°C~50°C



Wireless strobe Siren: Operating voltage: 6 -
  • 14 VDC
  • Sound output: 105 dB @ 12 VDC
  • Current draw: 180 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Dimensions: 2.9” x 4.8” x 1.7”
  • Color: Ivory body with red strobe
  • Material: UV-resistant, high impact polycarbonate plastic
  • Wiring: Red-positive, Black-common
  • Operating Frequency: 433 MHz/315mhz
Wireless strong siren -
  • Wireless Frequency: 315/433 MHz
  • Size: 106L X 107.5W X 99H mm
  • Operating Voltage: 6-15VDC
  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Rated Power: 15W, 20W
  • SPL DB/1M: 115±3
Wireless Panic Button -
  • Just press the button and will send signal to the Security System.
  • It must be connected/used for our GSM Wireless Security System.
  • Power: 12V DC battery (included).
  • Transmission Distance: 60m (No Obstacle).
  • Transmission Frequency: 433 MHz/315MHz ± 0.2MHz.
Wireless Break Glass Detector -
  • High frequency sound pressure detection.
  • Digital RFI/EMI filtering, extremely high immunity.
  • Unique acoustic microphone chamber and casing design.
  • Manual sensitivity settings to avoid false alarm.
  • Environmental economy, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.
  • Working voltage: DC12V.
  • High stability, long service life, wall hanging.
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/315MHz.
Wireless Vibration Detector -
  • It is quite convenient and easy to use, affix the main unit of entry alarm at the side of the door
  • It can be easily mounted to windows or doors, no tools required
  • Extremely loud instant alarm
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Output Time: 0.5ms~50ms
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/315MHz
Rolling gate Sensor -
  • Remote dimension: 71mm (L) x 36mm (W) x 15.4mm (H)
  • Antenna length: 94mm
  • Sensor dimension (connected to the remote): 106mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 12mm (H)
  • Sensor dimension: 110mm (L) x 16mm (W) x 16mm (H)
  • Cable length: 45cm
  • Suitable for shop gate, garage gate, home gate and all other gates.
  • Sound Level: ≥120 DB/m
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃4
Wireless Signal Amplifiers -
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Static Current: 12MA
  • Operating current: 150 ~ 180MA
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/315MHz
  • Forwarding time: 3Seconds to 10 Seconds
  • Rosc: 1.5M-4.7M
  • Transmitting distance: 1000m